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  • – Viola & Violin
  • – Beginner to advanced levels welcome
  • – All ages
  • – 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons available
  • – Recitals, Graduation Projects, Solo and Group Performance opportunities
  • – Students may begin lessons at any time of the year. Please email or fill out the contact form to get started!

Teaching Philosophy

Every student in Grace’s Violin Studio will have access to weekly private lessons and various performance opportunities. The instructor, Ms. Grace, believes in creating a positive learning environment that will nurture the development of her students as a whole. Every student has the potential to learn, grow, and succeed.

Grace embraces the Suzuki Method and Philosophy. She teaches students to be kind, confident, and to love the process of learning the violin. The Suzuki Method mirrors the way we learn a native language. In the Suzuki Method, we believe that every child can learn to do something as difficult as playing the violin, just as every child in the world learns to speak their native language fluently. Listening is essential – children ultimately learn language through listening! The Suzuki Method promotes joy in playing music. In the Suzuki Method, we move in small steps so that every day we feel we are accomplishing something, which will build the student’s confidence.

Music lessons require dedication, responsibility, self discipline, and patience. Each student will have different goals and needs and I will adapt to each of these. I want my students to find joy in violin playing and to apply these lessons to all areas of life.